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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why this blog? Third Anniversary!

I started this 21st Century Taxation blog on May 14, 2007 (first post is here). I'm amazed that I've been posting ideas, critiques and articles on the topic of tax policy and reform for three years. I'm not amazed though that in 2010 we still have a desperate need to modernize our tax systems.

I started the blog as part of my work as a fellow with the New America Foundation. That work was focused on improving California's tax system, which is why the 21st Century Taxation website has a lot of reports on California tax reform. My term with the New America Foundation ended a few years ago, but my passion for the topic, which also stems from my work with the AICPA, ABA and California Bar Tax Sections, my teaching and research and my professional and civic duty to help improve our tax systems, has not dropped. I hope my posts are helping to broaden understanding of principles of good tax policy and ways to improve our tax systems and encouraging dialogue on the topic.

I welcome any suggestions for improving the blog.

Thanks for reading and commenting!!

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Anonymous said...

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