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Monday, August 30, 2010

Stop Studying and Act!

I have a brief post about the release of the PERAB tax reform group's report, but forgot to tie it to comments I submitted via a collection of comments assembled by Tax Analysts. One of my suggestions (#5 - see below) was to stop studying and act! But, it was ignored. :-(

[my prior post with link to the White House report - here]

My 2009 recommendation #5 to the panel:
"5. Stop studying and act. Our tax system has been the subject of many studies by government agencies, academics, think tanks, and federal tax reform commissions. Many of those reports describe weaknesses of the federal tax system and offer proposals for improvement. The reports address complexity, the tax gap, depreciation, penalties, global competitiveness, corporate integration, worker classification, and more. The most comprehensive and objective of them should be reviewed and used by the task force. Rather than continually studying the tax system, it is time to improve it." [click here to see my other four recommendations]

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