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Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 — Setting the Stage for a New Tax Era

I think there were either new or continuing activities in 2010 that indicate our federal and state tax systems will be shaped and how we will be affected by it. I've got a short article in the AICPA Tax Insider for December - "2010 - Setting the Stage for a New Tax Era." In it I identify and explain ten trends I've pulled out of 2010 tax developments. The list of ten:

  1. Living with uncertainty
  2. Greater information reporting
  3. Use of penalties
  4. Classifying workers
  5. Greater attention on paid preparers
  6. New examination strategies
  7. Expanding role of the IRS
  8. Using social media and new technologies
  9. Deficit awareness
  10. Troubled state tax systems

What do you think? What other trends do you see or examples that fit into the above list of ten?

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