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Friday, June 10, 2011

PTIN - The Ever Evolving Story

The IRS program to regulate all paid return preparers continues to unfold. The IRS has selected the company to administer testing and this week they issued Notice 2011-48 soliciting input (due 7/7/11) on what should be on the exam and how it should be structured.

I have a short article in The AICPA Tax Insider on recent developments on this program including issuance of the final Circular 230 regulations, issues raised by GAO and TIGTA, and how the IRS will use the PTIN data. See PTIN - The Continuing Sequels.

In tax reform discussions, we don't often hear much about the administration of the tax system, but is is relevant in that a good administration system will better enable the tax to meet principles of good tax policy.

What do you think about the new IRS program to regulate paid return preparers?

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