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Thursday, October 6, 2011

New Website for "Amazon" Click Through/Affiliate Nexus Laws

With all of the activity on the affiliate nexus laws that New York started with back in April 2008 and the recent saga in California (see prior posts - 8/27/11 and 3/9/11, and others), I decided to create a website on this affiliate nexus approach. As of now, it just covers the so-called "Amazon" nexus laws where a state tries to say that just having an arrangement with someone in-state who has a link on their website back to the vendor might create nexus for the out-of-state vendor. There are other forms of affiliate nexus laws, such as those that say that a remote vendor who has some type of ownership connection with an in-state entity and the two sell the same product, have the same name or trademark, or similar advertising cause the remote vendor to have nexus in the state.

Here is the URL -

Caution - the website is a work in progress. I'll keep filling it out for some prior events and actions and do my best to keep it up for news on these so-called Amazon nexus laws.

Finally, with the deferral of the affiliate nexus law in California and the apparent likelihood that Amazon will start collecting use tax from California customers in September 2012 or January 2013 (depending on whether Congress passes legislation to allow certain states to collect from remote sellers), Amazon send emails to the affiliates it cancelled a few weeks ago and encouraged them to complete the steps to get reinstated (see information here).

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