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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

USA Today - story on shopper's use tax responsibility

One approach for increasing use tax collection that I have noted frequently is better education for consumers so they even know the tax exists. I think if you ask most people if their online sales where sales tax was not charged if they know they owe use tax, they would be surprised.

A 11/22/11 USA Today article - Your Money: E-shoppers' sales tax responsibilities, by Sandra Block, reminds shoppers that they likely owe tax on such purchases even though the vendor has not charged it. The article even mentions the 1992 decision of the US Supreme Court (Quill) that held that a vendor is only legally obligated to collect sales tax if it has a physical presence in that state.

What about reminders from states being published in places where shoppers will see them? I haven't seen any such reminders? Have you?

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