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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alabama Simplifies Compliance with Technology

Alabama enacted SB 459, to create "ONE SPOT: Optional Network Election for Single Point Online Transactions."  Per Governor Bentley who signed the bill on May 3: "Senate Bill 459 will greatly reduce the administrative burden of filing separate returns.  SB 459, sponsored by Senator Slade Blackwell, establishes a single-point electronic filing system through which businesses can file all sales, use, and rental/lease tax returns and make the associated payments." 

Per the Alabama Retail Association, SB 459: "Allows businesses statewide to handle up to three taxes (sales, use, lease/rental) to three different types of governments (city, county and state) with:
  • ONE return and
  • ONE payment in
  • ONE place"
ARA also states that SB 459 "ends one of Alabama businesses’ biggest administrative nightmares. Currently, there are retailers in the state that have to file up to 150 returns and make up to 150 payments to up to 150 different entities EVERY month."

Well, it is unfortunate that something could not have been done earlier to streamline the system, but it is good that the technology helps and the state is looking for and implementing ways to improve compliance and likely reduce costs for businesses.

What do you think?