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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

March 1 Tax Policy Conference - Don't miss out!

I'm pleased to see the TEI-SJSU Tax Policy Conference reach its third year!  The 2013 conference will be held on March 1, 2013 at Techmart in Santa Clara.

The topic - Tax Policies for Multijurisdictional Income.

This is a topic of increasing attention by national and state governments as well as organizations such as the OECD and MTC.  The topic gains attention as jurisdictions want to ensure they are getting their fair share of the income of a multijurisdictional business.  Also, new types of income, such as generated from ads on websites, is not easily sourced widely and jurisdictions worry about eroding tax bases.

The agenda and great list of speakers is included below.  Registration fees by February 1 range from $75 to $150 (including lunch and materials); $25 higher after February 1.

To register, visit

Registration and Light Breakfast   8 - 8:30

Welcome   8:30 am

Setting the Stage - Theories and Aspects of Multijurisdicational Income
Annette Nellen, Professor, San Jose State University
 Taxation of International Income – Theories, Actions and Trends
   Holly Glenn, Principal Economist, Baker McKenzie
   Susan C. Morse, Associate Professor, UC Hastings College of the Law
   Eric D. Ryan, Partner, DLP Piper
   Stephen P. Sedler, Senior Vice President of Taxes and International Trade Administration, Seagate   Technology - moderator
Lunch - provided
Economic Report – Global, US and California Data and Trends
Dr. Jon Haveman, Chief Economist, Bay Area Council Economic Institute
State Taxation of Multijurisdictional Income – History, Actions and the Role of Congress
Greg Turner, Senior Tax Counsel, Council on State Taxation (COST)
State Taxation of Multistate Income – Theories, Actions and Trends
Dean Andal, Director, PwC - moderator
    Dr. Justin Garosi, Legislative Analyst's Office
    Dr. LeAnn Luna, Associate Professor, The University of Tennessee
    J. Pat Powers, Partner, Baker McKenzie
How Should Multijurisdictional Income Be Taxed? - Review of the Day and Looking Forward    Dan Kostenbauder, VP Tax Policy, Hewlett Packard Company
   Kim Reeder, Partner, Reeder Wilson
  + Opportunity for comments from attendees

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