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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

GAO video on tax expenditures

The GAO issued a few reports this year on tax expenditures. I just watched their 4 1/2 minute video released May 30, 2013 on one of the reports. It is very good.  The diagram above is included in the video to show that for an energy credit, the net effect to the government of either a tax credit or  direct spending is $500. Take a look - here.

GAO has a tax expenditures website -

And there is a nice infograph with a QR code too!  Good for GAO!  I tried the QR code - it takes you to their 11/29/12 report - Tax Expenditures - Background and Evaluation Criteria and Questions - a very helpful 40- page background report. If you search for "tax expenditure" you can also find this 1979 "primer" report on tax expenditures - also a good read.

I encourage you to take a look.

2012 GAO Report

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