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Sunday, May 14, 2017

10th Anniversary Blog Post

On 5/14/07, I started this blog.  While we are 17 years into the 21st century, many aspects of our tax administration system and rules are stuck in the 20th century. Also, we tend to ignore trends to see how they should shape tax systems and compliance.

I started the 21st century taxation website and blog while I was a fellow with the New America Foundation. The focus for fellows was to get new ideas out to lawmakers and the public, such as through op eds in newspapers. In addition to that, I started the blog and am glad I did. It's fun and a good way to connect to lots of people via the Internet and search engines.  The blog gets over 12,000 hits per month.  And it connects me with other bloggers - on tax, technology and more, which continues to be fascinating.

Here are a few items I expect to be blogging in my 11th year:
  • Federal tax reform and how the proposals stack up against principles of good tax policy and reflect how we live and do business today.
  • How to pay for lower tax rates that will certainly be part of tax reform. There are lots of special exclusions, deductions, credits and preferential rates that cause rates to be high today and limit the tax system in meeting principles of good tax policy.
  • How to modernize worker classification rules and why.
  • How new and existing technologies should be used to truly simplify income tax compliance and perhaps even reduce the tax gap.
  • State tax oddities and how to address them.
Anything on your list that is not on mine?

Comments?  Please leave them.  Thanks for reading!!


HL Carpenter said...

Congratulations on 10 years of quality information! Here's looking forward to 10 more years -- and the next few should be exciting, especially if tax reform gets off the ground!

MEdia Dragon said...

A whole decade of blogging. A lot has happened in the world since then and it's fascinating to look back at your early posts as well as what topics you are proposing for 2017 - in the future it will be harder for governments to create a level playing field in the age of Virtual Currencies and the environment of outsourcing and offshoring ... Fostering willing participation is easier to say than do. Yet the prize of civilisation always was and will be taxation ... I remember under communism we used to joke that we pretended to work and they pretended to pay us ...

Well done and congratulations - Many happy returns tax and otherwise ;-)