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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Today's Technology Can Eliminate Return Due Dates! Let's Push for This!

Our expectations for what technology can do to improve our experiences with shopping, banking, communication, entertainment and more seems to not exist for filing our income tax returns by April 15 each year. Technology exists, along with security measures already in place and more that can be added, to eliminate the need to even have a due date or get a return filed with the IRS (or state).

I've been writing and speaking about this since at least summer 2018.

This week I have an op ed explaining how we could have just-in-time income tax filings and payments and eliminate the anxiety-ridden April 15 due date. This was published in The Hill on April 17: "Let's say 'goodbye' to the April 15 due date."  I hope you'll take a look. Let's modernize our thinking about income tax compliance to push for it to enter the 21st century!

What do you think?

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