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Sunday, November 13, 2022

Information Security and the Clean Vehicle Credit

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 added and modified several energy credits. They are all fairly complex in terms of restrictions and numerous definitions. See prior posts on some of this complexity:

Section 30C Refueling Property Credit (9/18/22)

Various credits with track changes links to several including the section 30D Clean Vehicle Credit (8/21/22)

One item that seems odd in the revised section 30D, Clean Vehicle Credit is the 8th of 8 elements of the definition of a "clean vehicle". This requirement at §30D(d)(1)(H) provides that the seller must furnish a report to the taxpayer ad the IRS in guidance to be provided by the IRS. In addition to logical items like the taxpayer's name, the vehicle's VIN and whether the car meets the critical minerals and battery component requirements, it calls for the buyers tax identification number. We can see why the IRS wants that information but why should the buyer have to provide their TIN to the seller? This is contrary to one of the 12 principles of good tax policy - Information Security.

Hopefully the IRS will come up with secure ways to enable this requirement to occur. For example, the taxpayer could be directed to a website to obtain an identification number usable only for the report (a number other than their Social Security number), perhaps similar to getting an EIN.

What do you think?

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