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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ideas for President Obama's Tax Reform Task Force

On 9/8/09, Tax Analysts released a set of 32 short papers (Towards Tax Reform) with suggestions for President Obama's tax reform task force (I have a prior post with info on the task force). The task force is to issue a report by 12/4/09. Its 3 key areas of focus are:
  1. Simplification.
  2. Closing tax loopholes and reducing tax evasion (tax gap reduction).
  3. Reducing corporate welfare.
Tax Analyst's solicited the papers from a variety of folks. I was pleased and honored to have an opportunity to make a contribution. My essay is entitled Strive for a Sound and Respected Tax System.

Tax Analyst's has posted all of these papers on its website - here.

What would you tell the task force to do to improve the federal tax system?

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