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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tax Blogs

There are a lot of tax blogs!  I think most of them cover tax tips and news or observations about rulings and law changes. 

Here are a few lists of tax blogs:

Michelle Golden (Golden Practices)

Paul Caron (The Tax Prof) -  (see lower left frame)

A blog post today (3/15/12) noting 10 blogs that offer tax advice

A blog is a great way to share ideas and observations.  I've been blogging on 21st Century Taxation since May 2007!  I'm using it as a tool to help promote understanding of tax policy with an emphasis on how tax systems can meet principles of good tax policy and be modernized for 21st century ways of living and doing business.

Do you use blogs for tax advice or informal guidance?  Discussion opportunities?

And, please leave comments on posts - it is a great way to share ideas widely. Thanks.

1 comment:

Mark Randall @ tax relief said...

The first blog you listed is wonderful! Really well written and the tips are very helpful.