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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Taxes Around the World

This morning Daisy Barton shared with me a pictograph she helped develop about Taxes Around the World and asked if I'd share it. It's interesting - click here for the link. 

A few interesting points:
  • 82% of Americans pay payroll or income taxes (or both).  This is a good reminder. We sometimes hear that about 50% of individuals pay no income tax. We don't hear though that this group is mostly people with income below $40,000 and if they have wage or self-employment income, they are paying payroll taxes of 15.3%.
  • The top marginal tax rate for individuals is higher in many countries including Sweden, Spain, Japan and Canada.
What do you think?


Jordan said...

Interesting look at things! I hadn't ever seen an infographic really spelling out the differences between taxes around the world. Of course, I would like to know the cost of living in these various countries as well.

williambrown said...

Hi Jordan! Just like you I also appreciate her work. She did a wonderful job. Well dear it’s good that you want to know about cost of living in different countries. You should contact my professor Dr. Aloke Ghosh. He will explain all the important concepts.