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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

2015 Tax Legislation Changes - Lots of Them!

In 2015, over 15 federal laws were enacted, making over 150 changes to the federal tax laws!  Many of these bills did not have the word tax in their title because the main purpose was appropriations or trade or the Highway Trust Fund.  The tax changes include many administrative changes such as on due dates. The last bill enacted (P.L. 114-113, 12/18/16) had the most changes including renewing the roughly 50 provisions that expired at 12/31/14 until at least 12/31/16 with a few to the end of 2019 and a few made permanent.

It is a lot to track and be prepared for. I've got a short article with a long table listing all of the 2015 law changes. See Nellen, "Changes in Tax Legislation in 2015: Lots of Them!" AICPA Tax Insider, 3/24/16. I hope you find it useful. There are planning opportunities for 2016 and beyond and numerous changes in compliance to deal with.

Excerpt of table from article.
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